"Our Earth / Our World" pfMENTUM CD


"Our Earth / Our World" pfMENTUM CD


Peter Kuhn - Bb Clarinet, Alto and Tenor Sax

Dave Sewelson - Baritone and Sopranino sax

Larry Roland - bass

Gerald Cleaver - drums

Recorded live in conjunction with Arts For Art, this set was organized by Dave Sewelson, a friend for more than four decades. This musical brotherhood is evident in the high level of communication between them. As usual Gerald Cleaver adds world class drum magic and Larry Roland holds down the bottom admirably. 

Digital download available at BandCamp $7 https://peterkuhn.bandcamp.com/album/our-earth-our-world


Liner notes by Robert Bush with these words from William Parker:

“Just because you don’t see me, it doesn’t mean I am gone.”
The music on this cd is beautiful. It moves me to stand on one foot and hop in joy. It laced with a dark and searing lyricism that one finds on those hot summer nights when the freedom bell tolls and all the heavy weight players would pick up their horns and blow all night. Dave Sewelson, Peter Kuhn, Larry Roland, and Gerald Cleaver are creating their own tradition and it is reborn each time they play.
The music swoops and soars into inner and outer space.
Cane reeds vibrating and living in both the urban and celestial worlds at the same time. The sound re- enters with the earth touching it’s own root then resurfacing as colorful flowers made of soil and mud wrapped in a shell of hope that rests on a cradle of freedom. Then the phrase, “Just because you don’t see me, it doesn’t mean I am gone.”
Peter Kuhn who is back on the scene meeting with Dave Sewelson who still remains one of the best kept secrets on the music scene but is a hero in the tone world. Hear they cross paths with Larry Roland’s mystical bass and Gerald Cleavers Saturday morning Detroit thrust I would suggest you clean your palate and give this music a big listen. Veterans are in the house bringing in some of that old time religion. No time to experiment they know exactly where they are going into the unknown where pure creativity lives.
William Parker, 2015
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