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Peter Kuhn Music



Peter Kuhn Trio


Based out of San Diego this group benefits from years of playing and performing together. The members share an almost telepathic level of communication that results in rich and diverse collective composition and improvisations. This is Peter's core working group and has formed a nucleus for other projects that include quartets with Dave Sewelson, Perry Robinson and Dan Clucas.

"The Other Shore" on NoBusiness Records is their first release and gaining wide critical acclaim. Available now in the Store.


Peter Kuhn - reeds
Kyle Motl - bass
Nathan Hubbard - drums



Audacious Love


This is a collective group of mature musicians who love playing together. Because the members are spread across California and the country this group doesn't play together with great regularity but does manage to come together with some frequency. It started under the umbrella name of Dependent Origination but soon adopted the identity of Audacious Love while on tour. We play for love of music, love of the great musical friendships and love of the precious opportunities to offer music from the heart intended to help liberate all beings.


While personnel may vary the core members include:

Peter Kuhn - reeds

Alex Cline - drums and percussion

Dave Sewlson - saxophones

Scott Walton - bass

Dan Clucas - trumpet and flute



Peter Kuhn - Dave Sewelson Quartet


With the release of "Our Earth / Our World" on pfMENTUM Pete and Dave have added a new chapter to a musical collaboration that dates to the mid 70's. They share a deep personal friendship and as well as decades of studying, practicing and performing music together that fosters a rich and deeply intuitive musical dialog that is a joy to experience. As a good friend, Dave encouraged Pete's return to music over the years and went so far as to send him a bass clarinet as a gift, which was the catalyst for this era of music. Pete and Dave co-founded the Audacious Love ensemble with Alex Cline. Dave is well known for his work with the Microscopic Septet, William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra and many others. He appeared on Kuhn's Hat Hut Album "Ghost of a Trance" and has a rich and diverse discography.