"Intention" - Peter Kuhn Trio featuring Kyle Motl & Nathan Hubbard


"Intention" - Peter Kuhn Trio featuring Kyle Motl & Nathan Hubbard


The Peter Kuhn Trio is back with Intention, in this exciting new release on FMR Records.

In this music, Kuhn, Motl, and Hubbard display an ever-deepening rapport and

nuanced communication that reflects their clear commitment to musical excellence as

individuals and a working trio.

Firmly grounded in a number of traditions, musical and otherwise, the music on this

record develops from the seed of intention. Every stroke, breath, or pluck is placed

just so; with meaning and purpose: to honestly reflect the fragility, resilience and

grandeur of our human experience, expressing the inexpressible tapestry of life and

our collective capacity for spiritual awakening. This music is a cry for our planet and all

beings, encouraging us to embrace the moment with an ever-deepening intention.

May this music aid listeners in achieving freedom from duality through the opening of

the ears and softening of the heart. Released from attachment, may we harmonize with

all; growing our compassion, helping one another to find freedom from afflictions.

Intention 4.33 ChaWang 6.31 The Stream 4.47 Perception Deception 5.45 The Path 5.11 Arise 5.49 Gift in the Wound 5.46 Resilience 8.00 Disaster and After 4.19

Peter Kuhn: Bb and bass clarinets

Kyle Motl: contrabass

Nathan Hubbard: drums and percussion

Recorded March 27, 2017 at Rarefied Studio in San Diego

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Hobson

All music by Kuhn, Motl & Hubbard, ©2017 Dependent Origination (ASCAP)

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